Entry Requirements
As mentioned above, with the LPC, students will need to have graduated with an LLB or taken the GDL or a Postgraduate Diploma in Law.

The SQE has opened the doors for students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines to qualify as a solicitor. You’ll need a UK undergraduate degree, or a qualification or work experience which is equivalent to a UK degree e.g. a solicitor apprenticeship.

Training Contract vs Qualifying Work Experience
Under the LPC route, you are required to complete a training contract, which is two years of regulated work-based training, typically undertaken with just one employer.

If you follow the SQE route to qualification, you will need to undertake two years’ of Qualifying Work Experience (QWE), which can be carried out with up to four organisations. This provides ample flexibility and opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills in a range of different settings.

QWE can be gained at any time during your SQE journey, however, the SRA anticipate that you will have undertaken a significant amount of QWE before attempting to sit the SQE 2 assessments. However, we anticipate that most firms would want their trainees to have completed their SQE 2 before starting their QWE.