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Choosing an SQE training provider

https://www.sra.org.uk/become-solicitor/sqe/training-provider-list/choosing-sqe-training-provider/ Key things to consider The training you choose covers all of the topics tested in the SQE1 and/or SQE2 assessments. Find out more in What is the training content. The training suits your: circumstances, including work and family commitments learning and career goals – for example, are there particular areas of law that you would like to [...]

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SQE 1 News – How much will the SQE1 cost?

The cost of taking the SQE will be between £3,000 - £4,500. This is broken down into: SQE1 (written and computer-based assessments) - £1,100 - £1,650; and SQE2 (written and oral assessments) - £1,900 - £2,850 These figures do not include the SQE-preparation courses with LSS (Lawcareers.net 2020)

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